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جدّة Jidda
Jeddah Skyline
Jeddah Skyline
Banner o Jeddah
Coat o airms o Jeddah
Coat o airms
Nickname(s): The Bride o the Red Sea
Jeddah is locatit in Saudi Arabia
Location in the Kinrick o Saudi Arabie
Coordinates: 21°32′36″N 39°10′22″E / 21.54333°N 39.17278°E / 21.54333; 39.17278
Kintra Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabie
Province Makkah (Mecca)
Established Frae the 6t century BC
Jyned Saudi Arabie 1925
 • Ceety Mayor Hani Abu Ras[1]
 • Ceety Govrenor Mish'al Al-Saud
 • Provincial Govrenor Khalid al Faisal
 • Urban 1,686 km2 (651 sq mi)
 • Metro 3,000 km2 (1,000 sq mi)
Elevation 12 m (39 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Ceety 5,112,018
 • Density 2,921/km2 (1,826/sq mi)
 • Urban 3,855,912
 • Metro 5,318,636
  Jeddah Ceety estimate
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
 • Simmer (DST) EAT (UTC+3)
Postal Code (5 digits)
Aurie code(s) +966-2
Wabsteid Jeddah Municipality

Jeddah (whiles spelled Jiddah or Jedda ; Inglis pronunciation: /ˈɛdə/; Arabic: جدةJiddah or Jaddah, IPA: [ˈdʒɪddæ, ˈdʒæddæ]) is a Saudi Arabie ceety locatit on the coast o the Reid Sea an is the major urban centre o wastren Saudi Arabie. It is the lairgest ceety in Makkah Province, the lairgest sea port on the Reid Sea, an the seicont lairgest ceety in Saudi Arabie efter the caipital ceety, Riyadh. The population o the ceety currently stands at ower 3.4 million. It is an important commercial hub in Saudi Arabie.

Jeddah is the principal gatewey tae Mecca, Islam's holiest ceety, which able-bodied Muslims are required tae veesit at least ance in thair lifetime. It is an aa a gateway tae Medina, the seicont holiest place in Islam.

Jeddah is the maist cosmopolitan an tolerant o aw Saudi Arabie ceeties, hostin expatriates frae aw ower the warld who hae made Jeddah thair hame. Economically, Jeddah is focussin on further developin caipital investment in scienteefic an ingineerin leadership athin Saudi Arabie, an the Middle East.[2] Jeddah wis independently ranked 4t in the Africae / Mid-East region in terms o innovation in 2009 in the Innovation Ceeties Index.[3]

Regionally, Jeddah is a primar resort ceety o the kintra. Jeddah wis namit a seicont-tier beta warld ceety, accordin tae Globalization an Warld Cities Study Group an Network (GaWC).

Sister ceeties

Jeddah haes 23 sister ceeties (kent as "twin touns" forby):