Sui dynasty

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Sui dynasty


Sui dynasty circa 609 AD
Caipital Daxing (581–605), Luoyang (605–614)
Leids Middle Cheenese
Releegion Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Cheenese folk releegion
Government Monarchy
 -  581–604 Emperor Wen
 -  604–617 Emperor Yang
 -  617–618 Emperor Gong
 -  Ascension o Yang Jian 4 Mairch 589
 -  Abolished bi Li Yuan 23 Mey 618[1]
 -  612 est. 4,100,000 km² (1,583,019 sq mi)
 -  609 est. est. 46,019,956a[›] 
Siller Cheenese coin, Chinese cash
The day pairt o  Cheenae

The Sui dynasty (Cheenese: ; pinyin: Suí Cháo) wis a short-lived imperial dynasty o Cheenae.


  1. In 617, the rebel general Li Yuan (the later Emperor Gaozu o Tang) declared Emperor Yang's grandson Yang You emperor (as Emperor Gong) an "honored" Emperor Yang as Taishang Huang (retired emperor) at the wastren caipital Daxing (Chang'an), but anly the commanderies unner Li's control recognised th chynge; for the ither commanderies unner Sui control, Emperor Yang wis still regardit as emperor, nae as retired emperor. Efter news o Emperor Yang's daith in 618 reached Daxing an the eastren caipital Luoyang, Li Yuan deposed Emperor Gong an teuk the throne himsel, establishin the Tang dynasty, but the Sui offeecials at Luoyang declared Emperor Gong's brither Yang Tong (later an aa kent as Emperor Gong during the brief reign o Wang Shichong ower the region as the emperor o a brief Zheng (鄭) state) emperor. Meanwhile, Yuwen Huaji, the general unner whose leadership the plot tae kill Emperor Yang wis carried oot, declared Emperor Wen's grandson Yang Hao emperor but killed Yang Hao later in 618 an declared himsel emperor o a brief Xu (許) state. As Yang Hao wis completely unner Yuwen's control an anly "reigned" briefly, he is nae uisually regairdit as a legitimate emperor o Sui, while Yang Tong's legitimacy is mair recognised bi historians but still disputit.